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Bio-inspired Logical Device Composed of Organic-Biomolecule-Inorganic Hybrid Material for Interactive Decision Process


Demonstration of intricate logic process under ambiguous condition like pattern-recognition or decision-making in the human’s logic system is important to realize artificial humanoid logical intelligent system interfacing directly to human as the technology of next generation. Conventional device based on digital signal can’t represent this logic process because Human’s logic results are not a dichotomous and depend not only on individual personal tendency, but also on individual learning experience or environments. This big dissimilarity between conventional silicon based logic tools and human’s natural logic algorithm has played a role as a hurdle to be stepped over in the development of neo human interfacing electronic system. In this dissertation, we firstly demonstrated human’s logic mimicking bio-electronic logical device by the combination of organic spacers/metalloprotein/inorganic materials, which can make an interactive analog decision. Organic chemicals, metalloprotein, and inorganic materials played as internal device characteristics (inherent or experienced driving human tendencies), logical signal generator, and environment dependent signal shifting inducer, respectively. Through this logical bio device, at least two different electrical inputs (positive and negative information) were successfully converted to the single output, which was controlled by not only input information combination but also combinatory conditions of inherent/experienced driving device tendency and environment. By the arrangement of various output signals, we could define interactive logical results regulated by inherent personal tendency (by metalloprotein), personal experience (by organic spacer sets), and outbound environment (by inorganic materials). Also, we fabricated two kinds of nanogap electrodes for selective and sensitive signal detection in logical device, and demonstrated logic functions on nanogap electrodes which were optimized for detecting electrochemical signal of metalloproteins. We believe this demonstration of flexible decision result by artificial hardware can provide a big foundation stone to realize artificial intelligence system like brain on a chip, and bio-computer by mimicking the human sophisticated logic process.