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A 6b 1.2GS/s 47.8mW 0.17mm2 65nm CMOS ADC for High-Rate WPAN Systems


This paper proposes a 6b 1.2GS/s 47.8mW 0.17mm^(2) 65nm CMOS ADC for high-rate wireless personal area network systems. The proposed ADC employs a source follower-free flash architecture with a wide input range of 1.0V_(p-p) at a 1.2V supply voltage to minimize power consumption and high comparator offset effects in a nanometer CMOS technology. The track-and-hold circuits without source followers, the differential difference amplifiers with active loads in pre-amps, and the output averaging layout scheme properly handle a wide-range input signal with low distortion. The interpolation scheme halves the required number of pre-amps while three-stage cascaded latches implement a skew-free GS/s operation. The two-step bubble correction logic removes a maximum of three consecutive bubble code errors. The prototype ADC in a 65nm CMOS demonstrates a measured DNL and INL within 0.77LSB and 0.98LSB, respectively. The ADC shows a maximum SNDR of 33.2dB and a maximum SFDR of 44.7dB at 1.2GS/s. The ADC with an active die area of 0.17mm^(2) consumes 47.8mW at 1.2V and 1.2G/s.