FAQ List

Q1   What is dCollection?
dCollection means 'Knowledge information digital distribution system,' and the abbreviation of Digital Collection. dCollection system collects and manages academic information produced in universities to provide integrated service to academic researchers. It is the project to have university libraries play a role of repository based on this dCollection system. dCollection system was first developed by Korea Education & Research Information Service (KERIS), and the distribution and system function has been continuously strengthened through sequential projects since 2004.
Q2   Data submitted to dCollection can be directly retrieved by RISS4U?
The data built in dCollection is first collected in the center of the dCollection and retrieved through the whole participant institutions’ sites. The materials collected at the center is transferred to RISS comprehensive search service later. When being transferred to RISS comprehensive search service, each data goes through verification process, so there is difference between the timing of building and the timing available for searching. Since each full-text and metadata is verified before service, it may take long.
Q3   How can I get user ID and password?
Please ask the administrator in each university.
Q4   It says there is no collection available to be submitted.
Please ask the administrator in each university.
Q5   How can I enter the year of publishing?
Enter the year of awarding degree as the year of publishing.
Q6   How can I input mathematical and chemical formula in the contents or abstract?
Please see the attached file.
Q7   What is copyright law?
It is a law to protect the right of authors. It protects the right and similar right of authors and pursue fair use of writings to contribute to the development of culture. Since the Article 28 of the copyright law amended in 2000 restricted the rights of authors too much by allowing unlimited transmission between libraries, and in order to comply with the digital environment, some of its regulations are amended. The amended copyright law has been enacted since July 1, 2003. According to the amended law, if anyone uses original DB at libraries which does not agree to license, then certain license compensation will be imposed beside copy expenses.
Q8   If agreed to the license, how is the scope of the service for the file?
Agreement to license means allowing copy and DB building of writings and publishing through information network for the academic purpose to allow transmission and copy of the writings. More information can be found in the "Agreement to the providing service of original dissertation" on the license agreement screen when submitting the dissertation.
Q9   Can only one original file be uploaded through online?
We recommend you to make one file of dissertation to upload. If you have to upload multiple files due to inevitable reasons, ask the administrator of dCollection.
Q10   I cannot understand the meaning of "the start page of body." Please explain it in easier way.
Start page is the value to match the page of contents to the physical page of actual document. For example, most contents usually shows the 'Introduction' is on the page 1, but if you actually count the page from the cover, then you may find that 'Introduction' is on the page 9. In this case, the start page of the body is 9. You can consider that the start page of the body is physical page number matched to the first page of the dissertation file.